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Karla Retro Armchair

tried & true


What’s old is new again with pieces inspired from yesteryear, but with all the perks of modern design

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Rubricks chest of drawers

The organised home


Practical and stylish, keep your home in order with storage in all shapes and sizes

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Living room armchair

Relax and unwind

Living room

Transform the heart of your home with all our essential living room picks

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Mimi 3-seater sofa

Pull up a seat


From two to three-seaters and from Scandi to French, there’s a sofa to suit every home

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Immediate delivery available

Time’s on your side

Available now

Take a look at our Available Now Editions and enjoy delivery in just a couple of weeks

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Sullivan industrial side table

Lean on me

Tables & desks

Statement side tables, extendable dining tables and distinguished desks – find your perfect piece

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Michelle Mason, Designer Editions artisan.

Michelle Mason, Designer Editions artisan. “I think what I’m most known for is colour. I adore it. Once I pick a palette the colours just fall into place. I’m meant to be quite impartial as a designer, but my heart has a mind of its own; I can’t help but be drawn in by blues and teals – coastal colours.”

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Ngân, 29 – upholstery artisan.

Ngân, 29 – upholstery artisan. “Jade is for protection. I took my bracelet to a Buddhist temple and left it overnight with a monk to be blessed. It’s really necessary – there are lots of ghosts in my hometown. I’ve never seen one but I know people who have. If you see a shadow flying around your head, that’s a ghost.”

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Satiated in Shanghai: sampling street food.

Satiated in Shanghai: sampling street food. Food sizzles, steam rises, we can almost taste the chilli in the air as we make our way through the night market. As with every market we come across, it’s the Ma La Tang – hot pot – with its variety of fresh, skewered meats, fish and vegetables, dipped into flavoursome broth that draws the crowd. Originally from Sichuan – the province of spice – we brace ourselves for the onslaught of heat and flavour.

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