Karla Retro Armchair

Design revival


Our modern take on 20th century design with classic silhouettes in muted shades

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Rubricks chest of drawers

The organised home


Practical and stylish, keep your home in order with our chests, cabinets and trunks

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Living room armchair

Luxe lounging

Living room

Transform the heart of your home with statement upholstery and accent pieces

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Mimi 3-seater sofa

Living room staples


From two to three-seaters and from Scandi to French, there’s a sofa to suit every home

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Immediate delivery available

Ready and waiting

Available now

These Editions are available to be delivered within a couple of weeks

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Sullivan industrial side table

The all-rounders

Tables & desks

Statement side tables and distinguished desks – find your perfect piece

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Chandra Prakash, 45 – wood supervisor.

Chandra Prakash, 45 – wood supervisor. Inside the wood store timber is stacked in its thousands. “To some, the wood store may be intimidating. I like to think of myself as its master.”

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Ashley McDow, Occipinti founder and designer.

Ashley McDow, Occipinti founder and designer. “My Rhodo Cobalt print was inspired by the row upon row of rhododendrons at Kew Gardens. I love their huge flower heads and how they manage to balance themselves evenly across the bush. I wanted to balance the beauty of British flora with the vibrant colours of the Far East. When I painted this design, I’d just returned from spending six months in India and couldn’t help letting rich Indian colours seep into every petal.”

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Naresh – screen printer.

Naresh – screen printer. “I come from Mandawa which has a tradition of painting houses with frescos. They’re like mural paintings. People from Mandawa tend to learn to paint very easily. It’s like we have inherited knowledge of it.”

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