Karla Retro Armchair

Design revival


Our modern take on 20th century design with classic silhouettes in muted shades

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Rubricks chest of drawers

The organised home


Practical and stylish, keep your home in order with our chests, cabinets and trunks

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Living room armchair

Luxe lounging

Living room

Transform the heart of your home with statement upholstery and accent pieces

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Mimi 3-seater sofa

Living room staples


From two to three-seaters and from Scandi to French, there’s a sofa to suit every home

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Immediate delivery available

Ready and waiting

Available now

These Editions are available to be delivered within a couple of weeks

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Sullivan industrial side table

The all-rounders

Tables & desks

Statement side tables and distinguished desks – find your perfect piece

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Mei Li Jing, 59 – wood washer.

Mei Li Jing, 59 – wood washer. “My husband and I scrimped and scraped to put our girls through school, and now they’re both in their 30s. My elder daughter works in Shanghai and my younger one’s a nurse in the city. They don’t come home very often, but we speak every night on the phone. We’re very close”

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Đāo, 30 – seamstress.

Đāo, 30 – seamstress. “My favourite thing to do on pay day is to buy myself some gold jewellery. My husband only owns one gold ring, but he’s very understanding of my habit and saves up to buy me things too.”

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Hai, 37 – upholsterer.

Hai, 37 – upholsterer. Hai’s full of smiles throughout his story, and when we ask whether the accident changed him, he simply says. “Yes, but for the better. It’s made me appreciate my life more. I’m married to the woman of my dreams, and I can still do the work that I enjoy. What’s not to be happy about?”

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