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Home and away – an interview with our manufacturing team in India

“Working has always been a way of exploring the world.” The sentence that sticks when I’m talking to Abi, Swoon’s Manufacturing Manager based in India. She’s sitting on the corner sofa, with Lisa and Nat, who she shares a light-filled apartment with in Jaipur’s upscale district, C Scheme.

Capturing the community – an interview with our Head of Visuals

 “I bought an old Volvo. One day I want to put my kids in the back of it and take them to the beach.” There are some people who just have life figured out. Josh, Swoon’s Head of Visuals, is one of them. He’d be the first person to bashfully deny that though. Sat in […]

The code of determination – an interview with our software engineer

“If you have a passion for something, you make it happen.” According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of perseverance is the ‘persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.’ The metaphorical definition is sitting in front of me – Swoon’s E-commerce Software Engineer, Ivan.

The language of obsession – an interview with our Copywriter

“I could not live without languages – I couldn’t live in a world that only speaks English.” If you live in a city like London, you’ll know it can be tricky to quell the chaos. Which is why it’s quite an achievement that Fran, Swoon’s Copywriter, and her fiancé Nick have managed to carve out […]