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The staycation – how to have a holiday at home this weekend

Whether it’s Bank Holiday weekend or not, the desire to escape the city is palpable. So, if you’re home-obsessed like we are, why not shun the chaos of the travelling masses and create your very own getaway from the comfort of your humble abode? Taking inspiration from far-flung exotic locations, you can bring a touch […]

The wedding list items fit for a princess

With a certain royal wedding on the horizon and the season for nuptials about to begin, we thought it was the perfect time to make a wedding wish list. Think timeless classics for a home-obsessed couple, it’s time to help transform your pal’s humble abode into a matrimonial palace.

Your perfect interior cocktail

You can tell a lot about a person by the cocktails they drink, or so they say. Just like your interior style, cocktails can be fun and quirky, smooth and elegant, fresh and lively, or simple and timeless. But can we tell which furniture suits you based on your favourite cocktails? We can certainly try.

Trend report – 2018 home inspiration from Milan

First rule when ordering a coffee in Italy – never ask for an ‘espresso’. Or even worse, an ‘expresso’. Especially in Milan. A city where perfection is paramount – even in your coffee order. The birthplace of some of the most famed fashion houses, Milan is a hub for trend-setters and innovators aplenty.