Karla Retro Armchair

Design revival


Our modern take on 20th century design with classic silhouettes in muted shades

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Rubricks chest of drawers

The organised home


Practical and stylish, keep your home in order with our chests, cabinets and trunks

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Living room armchair

Luxe lounging

Living room

Transform the heart of your home with statement upholstery and accent pieces

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Mimi 3-seater sofa

Living room staples


From two to three-seaters and from Scandi to French, there’s a sofa to suit every home

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Immediate delivery available

Ready and waiting

Available now

These Editions are available to be delivered within a couple of weeks

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Sullivan industrial side table

The all-rounders

Tables & desks

Statement side tables and distinguished desks – find your perfect piece

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Mimi, 25, account manager and inspiration for the Mimi collection.

Mimi, 25, account manager and inspiration for the Mimi collection. Mimi has been living in Saigon for three years. She moved over from Denmark after university. “My connection to Denmark is much stronger than to Vietnam; although both my parents are Vietnamese. My father fled to Denmark during the Vietnamese war. He met my mother there. She’d run from the war too.”

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Under the spotlight: the art of modern design.

Under the spotlight: the art of modern design. In the designer’s studio, the walls are covered in mood boards, photos, magazine cutouts, hand-drawn doodles of sofas and chairs, and elaborate floral patterns. When it comes to designing a sofa like our Mimi or any of the beautiful pieces that come from the workshop, Bertil, one of the designers looks all over for inspiration to help him come up with something completely fresh. “But,” he tells us, “a piece of furniture never ends up looking like the thing that inspired it.”

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Sheng, Qun, 43 – wood cutter.

Sheng, Qun, 43 – wood cutter. “I’ve got a black dog. He’s a stray breed from the village and is only two-three months old. I call him Baobao, which means baby. It’s pretty appropriate given he basically eats what I eat, and as soon as I’m home he gets all my attention.”

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