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Business analyst intern

We’re looking for an amazing analyst to join us in shaping our fast-growing retail business. You’ll get to analyse and make an impact in multiple areas including buying, content, marketing, eCommerce, customer care, finance, brand, as well as focusing on a specific area, depending on your interests and our business needs. Analytics in a startup is a very different animal to analytics in a big company. You’ll be breaking new ground, analysing things that no one has analysed before, and driving through your recommendations into actions; actions that can be implemented to change the business in which we work and love, for the better.

You’re going to be on a steep learning curve. At a startup, there’s no data to start with, so it needs to be created first. The difference between a good analyst and a brilliant one is, unfortunately, data input and the little details – it needs to be “right right”, not just right. It’s super boring. It gets on your nerves. You feel like smashing the screen. But you’re the kind of person who does it, because the feeling of getting it “right right” is amazing. You know that everything else depends on you getting it “right right” and that if you do, you can transform the entire business.

The challenges don’t stop there though. We’re in a stage in our growth where everyone is incredibly busy, so getting people to change the way they do things is tough. This is where a lot of analysts fail, but not you. You understand that doing great analysis, summarising it and then pushing and pushing and pushing is the only way to get people to pay attention. You’ve got so much gumption and your output is so good that you have no problems in pushing through big changes. And that means you’ll have a direct impact in how we operate and a chance to make your mark in a fast-growing retail business.

The difference between a good analyst and a brilliant one is data input and the little details - it needs to be "right right", not just "right".


  • Create a LOT of data

  • And analyse a LOT of data

  • Have an impact to use data driven approaches for business transformation
  • Ensure people pay attention to you and your processes 
  • Present findings directly to the people that matter


  • You'll have a background in management science, business, economics, mathematics, finance, organisation design, statistics or a similar area 
  • Two years' experience in a field relating to analysis or at a start-up
  • In addition to a strong analytical background, some creative background is a big plus 

  • You want to approach our challenges with fresh thinking

  • You’re interested in breaking new ground

  • You’re focused on results (we’re not fans of micro management)
  • You’re able to show frequent iteration and learn on your own
  • You’re a really nice person.

To apply

To apply, send us an email at jobs@swooneditions.com. Mention the position you're applying for in the subject and what area of analytics you’re most interested in. Salary is dependent on experience and we don't work with recruiters.

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