Create a rock solid content plan

Content planner

We’re looking for a spectacular content planner to make sense of the chaos that is launching a new design every single day. You’ll be in charge of what we launch over the next 4 weeks and how we do it. You’ll relentlessly hunt down copy, images, prices and product information, manage the repository and keep all the documentation up to date. It’s a big planning job with a strong project management element to it.

Many people think making sure huge spreadsheets and a big board of launches are up to date at all times is tedious work. Not you. Your ultimate goal is having the schedule planned further ahead than ever before. You understand the role a solid spreadsheet plays in getting there, so you take pride in perfecting it. You have thick skin and you don’t mind asking people again and again and again until you get what you need - you know planning ahead is in everyone’s best interest. It’s not going to be an easy balance to find, as you need to know when to be flexible and when to be stern. You’ll be better at it than anyone else because you can see the bigger picture and quickly find solutions to problems.

"Your ultimate goal is having the schedule planned further ahead than ever before."


  • Understand exactly how and what we will be launching in the next 4 weeks 

  • Plan launches, promotions and campaigns
  • Build and manage a repository of content
  • Keep documentation up to date
  • Revolutionise the workflow of the content team


  • You have experience from a previous role with an element of planning & project management
  • You’re relentless
  • You’re supremely organised
  • You’re always one step ahead
  • You’re interested in breaking new ground
  • You’re focused on results (we’re not fans of micro management)
  • You’re able to show frequent iteration and learn on your own.
  • You’re a really nice person.

To Apply

To apply, send us an email at Mention the position you're applying for and tell us three things you think we should be doing in this area. We don't work with recruiters.

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