Customer Experience Specialist

About Swoon Editions

We’re Swoon Editions. We design, make and sell furniture, and we’re on a mission to make the world a more beautiful place for everyone. 

We’re analysts, buyers, biochemists, economists, literature majors and designers - a real mix of solid experience and fresh young talent. 70% of our staff started as interns and we really believe in giving the right people great opportunities.

We're backed by some of the most reputable VCs in Europe and we’re hiring smart, hardworking people like there’s no tomorrow.


About the job

We’re looking for a super bright candidate to join our Care Team, to wow each and every customer we interact with. 

We’re after someone who…

- is professional yet amiable – our customers love to talk, and having a friendly chat about the week’s television/the day’s news/the weather whilst taking an order and payment over the phone is a fine art!

- has buckets of empathy – if someone has a problem with an item they’ve waited three months for, they need to know that you care

- has an excellent memory – will you remember the last time we sold a particular chair in a particular colour?

- is resourceful – we need to find a furniture restorer in Yorkshire for someone’s damaged chair, can you own Google and find someone that week?

- is a quick thinker – someone’s on hold on the phone and needs a solution there and then, what can you suggest to resolve their issue?

- is a whizz on the computer – Mac or PC, we use Gmail, GoogleDocs, Magento, Braintree, ebay and Desk, you don’t need to know them off by heart now, but you’ll need to get up-to-speed with them pretty fast!

- doesn’t just want to rock-up at 9 on the dot and head off the instant the clock hits 6 – we have a very well stocked beer fridge and it likes to be used


The requirements

- Crazy attention to detail

- You’re interested in breaking new ground. 

- You’re focused on results (we’re not fans of micro management).

- You’re able to show frequent iteration and learn on your own. 

- You’re a really nice person.


To Apply

To apply, send us an email at Mention the position you're applying for and tell us three things you think we should be doing in this area. We don't work with recruiters. 

Get to know us:


Wrong position, right company? No worries. Tell us what you’d like to do with us and why we should hire you. We might come up with something.