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Junior Merchandiser intern

We’re looking for a super bright and diligent candidate to work with us in researching, choosing and pricing our new products. This role has a tangible impact on our business - what we sell is who we are. Working alongside our Buying team, you’ll be responsible for helping us ensure our Editions are the most on-trend and desirable on the market. You’ll also have a huge role in making sure they’re priced correctly and genuinely. By researching market prices, you’ll be directly involved in ensuring all our marketing communications are honest, truthful and don’t mislead consumers. Your passion will not only be about beautiful furniture, but also about finding out what makes that beautiful furniture appealing to customers

Working closely with our Analysts, you’ll help spot hot new trends and present them to the business, helping to shape how we grow and develop. It's no easy feat. A great merchandiser is part analyst, part trendsetter and always posesses an obsessive attention to detail - it's a complex combination of skills that you will use to help you make the right decisions - it's all about being able to separate gut feeling from hard facts and knowing exactly what you're basing your decisions on.

The best merchandisers are part analyst, part trendsetter with an obsessive attention to detail. They combine these skills to always help them make the right decisions


  • Research and identify price references that are honest and genuine
  • Maintain watertight compliance and pricing documentation

  • Find gaps in the process and work out to improve them
  • Research and spot new furniture trends
  • Help plan and maintain launch schedules


  • You’re passionate about beautifully designed furniture
  • You obsess about things being done and done in the right way

  • You want to approach our challenges with fresh thinking

  • You’re willing to learn lots of new things
  • You care about transparency and fairness
  • You’re always one step ahead
  • You’re interested in breaking new ground

  • You’re focused on results (we’re not fans of micro management)
  • You want to turn the market upside down
  • You’re a really nice person
  • You’re focused on results (we’re not fans of micro management)
  • You’re able to show frequent iteration and learn on your own.
  • You’re a really nice person.


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