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About the job

We’re looking for a super bright candidate to work with us on our pricing analysis. This is proper economics - figuring out how the price affects the buying behaviour of our audience, what the elasticities are, where that sweet spot is. It’s about defining markets, understanding the competitive landscape and harnessing all this information to define the price points of our products.


The responsibilities

- Define the market for products

- Develop a process to collect market data

- Define the price of new products

- Do a LOT of analysis


The requirements

- Background in economics/management

- Understand the impact of price on customer behaviour

- Ideally you have experience doing pricing market research and an understanding of customer behaviour based on data

- You’re interested in breaking new ground.

- You’re focused on results (we’re not fans of micro management).

- You’re able to show frequent iteration and learn on your own.

- You want to turn the market upside down.

- You’re a really nice person.


To Apply

To apply, send us an email at Mention the position you're applying for and tell us three things you think we should be doing in this area. We don't work with recruiters.

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