Procurement analyst intern

We’re looking for an amazing procurement analyst intern to join us in shaping our fast-growing retail business. Our stock is the lifeblood of our business and managing it is a fine art that not just anybody can master. Numbers and data are your forte and you’ll have killer organisational skills so nothing gets missed.

This will be one steep learning curve where your numbers will be under constant scrutiny. The difference between a good analyst and a brilliant one is, unfortunately, data input and the little details – it needs to be "right right", not just right. It’s super boring. It gets on your nerves. You feel like smashing your screen. But you're the kind of person who does it, because the feeling of getting it "right right" is amazing. You know that everything else depends on you getting it "right right" and that if you do, you can transform the entire business. It's going to be a bit terrifying sometimes – the output of your work will go pretty much straight to our investors. Your attention to detail and perseverance mean there's no need to sweat though.

"The difference between a good analyst and a brilliant one is data input and the little details - it needs to be “right right”, not just right. Responsibilities"


  • You’ll be responsible for managing our stock levels
  • Decide what to order and when
  • Discover more efficient ways of managing orders
  • Optimise our stock processes
  • Work to change our business for the better


  • You’ll have a background in management science, business, economics, mathematics, finance, organisation design, statistics, or a similar area
  • In addition to a strong analytical background, some creative background is a big plus
  • Your English is perfect
  • You want to approach our challenges with fresh thinking
  • You’re interested in breaking new ground

  • You’re focused on results (we’re not fans of micro management)
  • You’re able to show frequent iteration and learn on your own
  • You want to turn the market upside down
  • You’re a really nice person.

To Apply

To apply, send us an email at, mentioning the position you're applying for. Oh, and we don't work with recruiters.

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