Make sure every piece that leaves the workshop is perfect

QC & Production

We're looking for an amazing Production coordinator to work on as an extension of our production team, taking care of things on the ground. One of your biggest responsibilities will be to put in practice our working processes with factories around the world in India to Vietnam, China and beyond. You’ll also look after the wood, upholstery, construction and packaging that we use to make sure it's all top notch. Ultimately, you'll be helping to ensure our products are the best in the market, over and above a manufacturer's standard output. To be great at this job you should have an obsessive attention to detail and amazing organisational skills, as well as a lot of gumption. You'll love the challenge of completing multiple tasks efficiently and effectively, whilst striving to improve processes internally, all at the same time. On top of that, you're interested in interior design and furniture, and have a hunger to learn as much as possible about the production process, from placing an order to ensuring our products are UK compliant.

On some days the job will entail jumping to the back of a pick-up van at 6am, driving through Chinese countryside and then spending 12 hours at the workshop, staring at seams for so long that they all start looking strange. On the other hand there will be days with no inspections and not much to do at all. Some people would find this difficult to deal with, but for you it's perfect - when you work you work really hard, and when there's a gap in the schedule you're more than happy to travel around and explore an exciting part of the world. You'll also be involved in a fair bit of fighting - we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to quality, so you'll be sending a lot of pieces back to be perfected and "no"is a word you'll use a lot. This doesn't put you off, since you're the kind of person who stands their ground and isn't afraid of a little conflict when you know you're doing the right thing.


  • Update our databases on a daily basis

  • Ensure all purchase orders are complete and have matching pro-forma invoices
  • Keep an organised filing system with all paperwork relating to orders
  • Write product specifications for the manufacturers
  • Ensure that our fabrics are UK compliant
  • Communicate any production changes to other teams at Swoon Editions


  • You have strong project management skills
  • You have a meticulous attention to detail
  • You have strong interpersonal skills
  • You’re a very quick learner
  • You drive new initiates through and take a lot of ownership for your work
  • You’re versatile
  • You're willing and flexible enough to fly overseas (India, China, Vietnam) to work at short notice
  • You have a solid passion for interior design and furniture
  • You’re interested in breaking new ground
  • You’re focused on results (we’re not fans of micro management)
  • You want to turn the market upside down
  • You’re a really nice person./li>


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