What do we have in store for your children?

We are putting on two incredible hands-on design and create workshops led by front-runners in codesign, TILT.

We are big believers in nurturing creativity at a young age and giving children a space to stimulate their minds and channel their inner creator whether it be artist, maker, sculptor, designer.

These workshops will provide just that - a creative session which give your children a chance to get their hands dirty, express themselves with new materials, get excited about creating and codesign some distinctive pieces with Swoon and TILT for our 2019 children’s collection.

When’s it happening?

Workshop One – Ideas, Create and Co-design

This session will take kids on a journey through creating something new, using our natural surroundings as inspiration, led by the experienced tutors at TILT the workshop will have children doodling, moulding and building while being prompted to think about their favourite things to do and the places which inspire them.

Workshop Two – Interact and See What You Made

This session will give children the opportunity to see what they inspired us to create from Workshop One. Prototypes made out of cardboard and foam sheets will come into play, where the kids can touch, feel and interact with life-size items. In this time, they will build on their creations, add interesting shapes/materials and ultimately alter the prototypes to meet their imaginative needs!

Takeaways & The Finer Details?